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Hi, I am Moira. I love to bake and cook. So I am sharing my creations with everyone in the world! I hope you enjoy what I make with Mommy and Daddy! I have my “How To” videos on here, along with the recipe, so you can make my favorite foods at home and also enjoy.

I am only 7 years old, but I help Mommy and Daddy all the time. I love baking! Cupcakes are my favorite! If you haven’t already noticed, pink is my favorite color. Pink and Princess... That’s ME!

Some day I hope to have my own cooking show on TV! You know what they say, “Start early with your dreams. Only then will they come true!”


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I love sweets!
But they are not that good for you. So using alternative items can make your treat healthier.
Mommy and Daddy know all about that...
I’m only 4! I know what I like, not what’s good for me.
They make the best healthy foods, I can’t even tell the difference!
I love chocolate, but it makes me hyper-active! So, Mommy discovered “Carob Chips,” it is better than chocolate and I can eat a ton without bouncing off the walls!
Along with eating healthy, is exercise! Be active 60 minutes a day! Turn off the TV and play!

Have any “Kid Tasty”, yet healthier, recipes?
Email them and I’ll try them out! Yours might get posted! ;)

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Life is short, eat your dessert first!

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