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Roswell, New Mexico Crash

- Log Date: 2011 * 4 * 26 - 

Back in the summer of 1947, an unidentified flying object crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Some say that bodies were taken away by our government and the wreckage was taken to the infamous “Area 51”. But in the end, no evidence was ever presented to the civilian population. It was said to be a hoax and covered up by our government. This incident was covered up as if it never happened.

The years have passed, many have searched the area for artifacts of that famous day. Yet nothing has been found.... Until now!...

I am D.J. Phoenix, a UFO researcher, archeologist and theorists. I was on an expedition in the desert looking for signs of the Roswell crash, 64 years later, and I stumbled upon something that blew my mind! Let me just say, I’m glad that I brought a change of underwear, cause I needed it!

Here we all thought that it was life size, humanoid aliens that were found and taken away. Well, maybe they were, but something sure the hell was left behind! And I found it.... Okay, it found me as I was sitting on a rock eating lunch. But besides who found who, I discovered a new intelligent life form! What they exactly are, I am not sure. Insects? Electronics? Little green men? I have yet to determine that. All I know is that these creatures use our scraps, our waste as a shell. Such as a hermit crap finds a shell or anything it will fit into for its home. This intelligence uses our earthly possessions as its home! 

Here is a picture of the first little guy I found on the desert floor. He begged for a piece of food. He literally disintegrated it before my eyes! Foolish me, feeding one brought in a whole slew of Insectotechs...

Oh yeah, I named them, Insectotechs as the kingdom species. But each has family names. The eight legged spider looking ones are Arachnotechs. The six legged ant looking ones are Formicitechs. The butterfly-like ones are papilionotechs. So on and so forth.

Now I have a ton of these swarming at me, not knowing if they are gonna attack me or just want a hand out! How do I get myself into these situations? It never fails!

Arachnotech / pinkus

Now with hundreds of Insectotechs at my feet and buzzing around my head, the only thing that makes sense to me is to take them all home! So I grab a few and throw them into my bag of food. I then ran back to my van to get more containers. Luckily I tossed my sandwich on the ground before I ran off!

When I returned to the spot, they were still there eating the sandwich. But... To my shock, my computer and cell phone that I left while I ran to the van, were no longer mine! Somehow, someway, these Insectotechs multiplied, taking over my laptop components and my cell phone!

I quickly grabbed all the creatures I could see, tossing them in the crates I brought back. I then took them back to the van, coming back to retrieve my belongings and to see if I could loosen what looked like a metal disk, assuming that it was their home, out of the desert floor. I figured that it held secrets that I needed to uncover. All that was on my mind was to get back home and do some research. So I loaded my van with the Insectotechs’ home, tossed my backpack inside and drove off...

- Log Date: 2011 * 4 * 27 - 

I’m home and have not slept. I have been studying these creatures all night. I am exhausted and doubting everything. I am having to keep the Insectotechs isolated in jars and tanks. It seems that once they touch an object, the object it transformed into one of them. Luckily they can not breed through glass. I am currently at my limit of the 42 Insectotechs I have here! Gonna take a nap and then run more tests.

I’ve added pictures I took at the crash site HERE!

- Log Date: 2011 * 4 * 28 -

Crap!... I really fell asleep! Just woke up with a startle from a huge crash! The Insectotechs escaped and are turning everything they touch into their kind! I’ve sealed the door and windows to keep them confined to my lab room. What have I done? I should have left them there in the desert and called in the professionals to quarantine the crash site. Now I need to figure out what to do...

I just realized something... The way these Insectotechs multiply, they could not have been here since 1947. It is not logical. I believe they crashed here on earth during the last meteor shower on January 3rd, 2011. Maybe they are searching for survivors of the ‘47 crash? Odd that they would crash close to the original site unless they were heading there.... What was that noise? I better go see.

Oh how great this day has become... The Insectotechs are very intelligent. Somehow they figured out that glass will break. They are now loose outside! There is nothing I can do to stop them either. I did not find any weaknesses with my tests. Maybe there is someone out there that can figure out a defense. I’m going to jar up as many as I can that are left in the lab. I will list below the links to what I have.

Please help me find a way to reduce the amount of trash out there! The Insectotechs are created from all recycled parts. Good luck with your research and take good care of your Insectotech(s)!

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